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Our Current Sweet mission

The Chimpanzee Conservation Centre in Guinea

This year, we are committed to supporting the association Projet Primates France!

For 20 years, this chimpanzee conservation centre has been fighting for the preservation of the species in Guinea. The 4 main missions of the association:

  • Collection of chimpanzees from poachers
  • Rehabilitation in order to reintegrating them into their natural habitat
  • Raising awareness of the cause of the surrounding populations
  • Participation in the development of the surrounding populations.

With 62 current residents, the CCC (Chimpanzee Conservation Centre) is the second African sanctuary and the first in West Africa to participate in the rehabilitation of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. With only 300,000 chimpanzees to date (1 million in the 1960s), it is more than important to preserve this endangered species. The funds raised through the 1% for the Planet campaign will allow the Chimpanzee Conservation Centre to increase its capacity while improving the living conditions of its residents (through the purchase of a new enclosure). This new enclosure aims to facilitate the transition of the chimpanzees from rehabilitation to the wild.

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